Tuesday, December 7, 2010

South End

We initially began this project with the idea that we would make recommendations on how to improve public transit access in the South End.  We found that there is actually pretty good access to public transit for South End residents.  We did, however, find that South End residents needed a safer and more efficient bike transit system.  We propose to use Tremont Street as a predominantly bike corridor.

Click here to download the South End KML file


Our goal was to evaluate the impact of race and class strife on the neighborhood of Roxbury. We focused on several events over the past century to illustrate how Roxbury is a microcosm of larger social conflicts.

Click here to download the Google Earth file: Roxbury KML file


Our goal was to evaluate the influence that the Chinatown population has on the built environment and how the built environment has impacted Chinatown residents. We found that the residents of Chinatown have had a significant impact on aspects of their built environment historically but that recent developments, particularly the expansion of Tufts Medical Center and the construction of luxury high rises, have imposed significantly on the community as well.

Click here to view the:  Chinatown KML File